Magnesium Nitrate Solution – What Is it? Here’s What You Don’t Know About Mg(NO3)2

Most people know that magnesium is an important mineral, necessary for good health. But what about magnesium nitrate? Magnesium nitrate is a compound made up of magnesium and nitrogen atoms. In this article, we will explore the properties and benefits of magnesium nitrate solution.
Magnesium Nitrate

What Is Magnesium Nitrate Mg(NO3)2?

How many of you have heard about magnesium nitrate solution? Not too many, we would guess. This is because magnesium nitrate solution is not a very popular chemical, nor one that is used very often in industry or the home. It’s not as well known as some of the other more common chemicals such as sodium chloride (NaCl, or table salt), potassium chloride (KCl), or even magnesium sulfate (MgSO4).

Magnesium nitrate Mg(No3)2 solution is a combination of magnesium nitrate and water. It is used as a fertilizer and as a source of magnesium ions in various chemical reactions. It can be found in some fireworks and is also used in the production of magnesium metal.

Magnesium Nitrate Properties

  • magnesium nitrate is a colorless, odorless, crystalline solid at room temperature;
  • it is highly soluble in water and moderately soluble in ethanol;
  • it has a slightly acidic pH and is corrosive to metals;
  • it decomposes at temperatures above 330 °C when boiled.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula for magnesium nitrate is Mg(NO3)2. This means that it is made up of one magnesium atom (Mg), two nitrogen atoms (N), and six oxygen atoms (O).

Where Is Magnesium Nitrate Used?

Magnesium nitrate is used in a few different ways. It can be used as a fertilizer, as a source of magnesium ions in various chemical reactions, and in the production of magnesium metal.

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As a Fertilizer

Magnesium nitrate is commonly used as a fertilizer because magnesium is an essential nutrient for plants. Magnesium nitrate can be added to soil to correct a magnesium deficiency, or it can be used as a foliar spray. When used as a fertilizer, magnesium nitrate is usually applied in the form of a water-soluble solution.

As a Source of Magnesium Ions

Magnesium nitrate is also used as a source of magnesium ions in various chemical reactions. For example, it can be used to precipitate magnesium hydroxide from a solution of magnesium chloride.

In Cosmetics and Pyrotechnics

Magnesium nitrate is sometimes used in cosmetics, such as hair dyes and shampoo. It is also used in pyrotechnics, such as fireworks, to produce a bright white light.

How Is Magnesium Nitrate Made?

Magnesium nitrate can be made by reacting magnesium oxide (MgO) with nitric acid (HNO3). This reaction produces a lot of heat, so it is usually done in an industrial setting.

Is Magnesium Nitrate Safe?

Magnesium nitrate is a corrosive chemical, and contact with the skin or eyes can cause irritation. Ingestion of magnesium nitrate can also be harmful. Even a small quantity of magnesium nitrate can cause dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath and abdominal pain. If you come into contact with this chemical, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. 

In general, magnesium nitrate is safe to use if proper safety precautions are taken. It is important to read the safety data sheet (SDS) for this chemical before using it.

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