Zara Haul! Bags and Scarves.


A few weeks back, Zara had one of their end-of-season sales, so I picked up a few bags and scarves. I’m a big fan of Zara and think their items have a good balance of quality and price. I decided to just get some bags and scarves, so I wouldn’t have to deal with sizing issues (although Zara has the best returns policy!).



I think this would be a perfect work bag and also to travel with. It has a good number of compartments, and you can’t go wrong with navy blue. It’s the 2nd most expensive bag in the haul ($39.99), but I can see myself getting a lot of use from it.


I’ve been looking for a backpack forever, and I think this one is just so cute. Backpacks are great for traveling, so you don’t get tired holding a handbag while walking around for a while. This was $49.99, which makes it the most expensive bag in the haul, but I’ve just been searching for a cute backpack for so long…


These were both pretty cheap ($15.99), and I love the simple but classic design, and I need more crossbodies in my collection.


I was debating about whether to get this color, but I don’t regret it one bit! I thought it might be hard to find outfits for it to go with, but in reality, I wear a lot of neutral colors and dark blue, so I’ve been carrying this bag more than I expected.


I love, love nude-colored shoes and bags, so I was super, super excited about this, but it came scuffed, so I had to return it. Soooo sad.


Scarves for winter! I can see myself wearing these over my button-down on the way to work (hooray Michigan winters!). They’re super soft and warm.

Zara still has the sale going on, and the styles get changed quite regularly, so I might be prowling around to see if I can find any more good deals…


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