Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – I spent $347.68!

It’s that time of year for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Right now it’s early access for cardholders – I would go ahead and get one if you don’t already. You can get a debit instead of a credit card and still get the early access.

Pages you want to be sure to check out to see if there are any deals that interest you:

  1. Beauty Exclusives (e.g., new releases, value sets, sale items, etc.) – These are the special offers they have for the sale.
  2. Beauty Gifts with Purchase – They release some new GWP offers exclusive to the sale, along with still having some of their normal GWP offers.
  3. Online Catalog – I love paging through this online, and it’s done really well, so you can just click on whatever item that interests you, and it will go to the product page. Probably more useful for fashion purchases than beauty ones, but still.
  4. Seasonal GWP for orders >$50 – I ended up getting a GWP just for ordering >$50, but you have to remember to use a coupon code! I used the code TEAL (wanted the Clinique Chubby Stick!). This is their promo pic for the GWP:


What I decided to get:


Tom Ford Lips & Boys Set ($96) – I only got one shade (Henry, my boyfriend’s name!) when it first came out and regret not getting more. These are all colors I could wear on a more regular basis (especially the two on the left), so I decided to take the plunge! Tom Ford lipsticks full size are a round $50, but I almost never make it all the way through a lipstick, so these minis are perfect.


NARS ‘Ultimate Nars’ Lip Pencil Set ($49) – I love NARS’s Satin Lip Pencils! They’re moisturizing and easy to apply, very comfortable to wear. This set has two Satin ones and one Matte, so it’s nice that I can branch out and try a matte from them. I think the two satin shades (the first two from the top) will be unique to my collection. The first, Stourhead, is described as a “limited-edition pale lavender pink” and the second, Biscayne Park, is described as a “pink guava.” Also, I love the case design!

_10643996 _10643930

MAC Brush Sets – Look in a Box Basic ($52), Look in a Box Advanced ($52) – I actually have never owned a MAC brush. I think these brush sets are really good values and will help me build up my brush collection, which is sorely lacking at the moment. I’ll probably end up selling the bag if I can, though.


Burberry Beauty Nude Glow Set ($78) – I waffled about this set for the longest time, but in the end, I decided to get it, because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. I’m super excited to try the lipstick and the Fresh Glow. I’m going to try to sell the mascara, which will hopefully make this set more worth it. I have to say, the tipping point for my decision to get this was actually the bag…it’s so simple and elegant!

Other things on my wishlist I decided not to get but I wish I could!


Ted Baker Bow Trapeze Cosmetics Bag ($31.90) – It’s beautiful and I love Ted Baker things! Ughhhh but I already have too many cosmetic bags to justify this. Sigh. I can only just add this to my Pinterest…


NARS ‘True Nars’ Lip Pencil Set ($49) – In the beginning I had my heart set on this even before the sale. I saw it in the Beauty section of this month’s Vogue, and I love the packaging on the case. Unfortunately, I really couldn’t justify getting it. I already have Yu (the bright pink), and I don’t wear red enough to justify getting two different reds on top of that (and I already have a ton of red lipsticks in my collection). Sigh, I do love this case, though.


Dior Vernis Nail Polish in Majesty ($27) – This is the shade they’re releasing early for the sale. It just seems like the perfect summer shade, and I love Dior nail polishes! They have the best nail polish brush I’ve tried ever.


Dior Vernis Tie-Dye Top Coat ($28) – I saw this reviewed on someone’s blog about a month back (this isn’t part of the early release for the sale, but I saw it when I was browsing and still want it), and it gives a translucent yet pretty pink/red layer to the nail.

So that’s it! Are you getting anything from the sale? What’s on your wishlist?


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