Spongelle Boxed Flowers – Perfect Summer Treat and Gift


I usually don’t do too many non-makeup-related posts, but I wanted to share this, since I love it so much! This month’s Popsugar Must Have Box included a Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer / Boxed Flower in Papaya Yuzu. It smelled absolutely amazing that I bought a few more on the website, going with a Bulgarian Rose and Coconut Verbena one, with a couple more of the Papaya Yuzu. I’ve since given these to my sister and two of my friends, who have all loved the scents. Papaya Yuzu remains my favorite, but my sister prefers the Bulgarian Rose. Other scents include Ginger Bergamot and French Lavender, which I may try after I finish using these.

IMG_1982 20150630-IMG_1983 IMG_1985Scent aside, this is really great for keeping in the shower. I use this to help exfoliate my legs before shaving to avoid ingrown hairs. Even when not in use and it’s just hanging there, my entire bathroom sounds great.

I gave one each to two friends who are going abroad to Hong Kong. I thought this would be a perfect gift, because body wash is not something you’ll pack with limited luggage space and body wash being easily purchased abroad. However, when you get off that plane and just want to go back and take a shower, you don’t want to have to run out and buy body wash. This will also make everything in your luggage smell great! Since it comes in a sleeve, I also left a personal note inside of the box.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve loved a non-makeup-item in a subscription box, so I’m glad I was able to discover something new. If you want to try this, use the code POP30 for 30% off!

What are some of your favorite shower / bath products? Have you tried anything from Spongelle?


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