June 3B Box Review


Happy Monday, everyone! Just wanted to write a quick review of my 3B bag that arrived last week. 3B (Beauty Beyond Borders) is a subscription beauty box/bag that sends 4-5 samples of Korean beauty items a month and costs $12. Even though it may not send as many items, I really like the curation so far. There’s currently a waitlist that takes around 1-2 months to get off of.

My favorite product is the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit. It’s a basic BB cream that’s not too dewy and has decent coverage. It just happened to be that this shade is a perfect fit for my NC20 skin, even though I can’t find what shade it is from looking at the sample. The thing I dislike most about this is the scent – it’s very sweet, almost exactly like Versace’s Bright Crystal. The scent is very strong but fades after about fifteen minutes after application.

The other products included are the A’Pieu Finger Blusher and SkinFood Argan Oil Silk Shampoo. I was thinking about trying the blush, but it’s sealed in plastic, and I decided to keep it sealed in case I sell it later. I generally don’t get along with liquid blushes, but I’ll keep it in case I do want to try it later. I also have another huge stockpile of shampoo and with my thick, long hair, this would probably only be good for two uses anyway.

Last but not least are the It’s Skin Mangowhite Tissues. It has a pleasant scent that’s familiar to me, but I just can’t place it… It cleans off makeup well, but it does leave a bit of an oily residue.


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