New Sub Box: Mishibox Review


Mishibox is a new Korean beauty discovery subscription box. It’s $19.95/month, shipping included. I don’t consider it on the cheap end of subscription boxes, but it’s not too expensive, either. Since this is the first box for this subscription, let’s spend some time on the packaging.




The cardboard box it comes in is really cute, hot pink with a bunny. There’s ample shredded white paper to act as packing, although it leaves a thin film of dust on the products. The packaging is similar to Boxycharm’s, with the flap tucking into the box, with just one strip of tape to keep it closed, which makes it easy to open. There’s tissue paper sealed with a sticker to keep it together and make the presentation nice.

Now, onto the products!




The banila co. Clean it Zero is a cult favorite. For some reason, I had never tried it before getting it in this box, so I’m really happy to be able to try this. It’s like a solid version of an oil cleanser, and it melts upon contact. To make it sound really disgusting, it’s basically like a solid tub of fat. Anyways, it smells good, and it’s effective at cleaning and removing makeup. To use, I rub it on dry skin and massage into wherever there’s makeup, etc. I then wash it off with water. This cleans just as well as my other oil cleansers, but I prefer the oil cleansers, simply because it’s easier to pump it out than scraping it out of a tub. I will definitely keep this around for traveling, though.



I was skeptical about the Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner, since I already have a ton of eyeliners, but I was pleasantly surprised. It goes on smooth, but it dries down as a harder film. I got it in a really nice white/silver crystal color. I also have this in brown from some other previous box, but I actually let it sit on the backburner, since I already have brown eyeliners. However, this makes me want to pull it out and try that, too. I think I’ll use this white one all over the eyelid or in the center when I want a bright pop. This white would also look nice right above a black eyeliner for a look with more contrast.


The box also includes a huge bottle (full-size) of the Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel. Aloe does good things for my skin, but it is a big commitment to use such a huge bottle. I really like the Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel for aloe, which is a good segue to the Benton products in this box. There’s a Benton Honest Cleansing Foam and a Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack, which I’m looking forward to trying.


There’s also a Skylake Oriental Herb Cooling Shampoo. It looks like there’s a leaf of Wilfordi Root in it, which reminds me of herbal medicine. I expected it to smell like Chinese herbal medicine, that kind of old Chinese stuff smell…and that’s exactly what it does smell like. Not what you want in a shampoo, but it’s definitely unique. This goes in my shampoo stash, but if I do use it, I’ll probably try pairing it with a stronger-scented conditioner for a better smell.

I was pretty happy about this box. Usually, I don’t like it when sub boxes include multiple products from the same brand, but I was impressed with the inclusion of the cleanser. It’s rare for a super popular item from a mid-level brand to be included in sub boxes. I also really liked the eyeliner, and I’m looking forward to try the aloe and the mask.

What did you think of the box? Are there any products from the box you would want to try?


7 thoughts on “New Sub Box: Mishibox Review

  1. I’ve sat on the fence for like a year with regards to trying to Korean beauty products. I get so nervous they spend the money on the cute packaging and the skimp on the product. I wonder if the products are as luxurious as some of the lines I have access to like Tom Ford, Dior, Guerlain, etc. I’ve always wondered is it cheap stuff – like it is a wolf in sheeps clothing? I don’t know why I’m stuck with that though. Is it truly quality that would meet my expectations being a person who will spend 50.00 on a lipstick. The other thing is…. I’m American but Eastern European decent and skin tones are very different. Koreans are more yellow under tones, whereas I’m olive and very warm. SO I WONDER. PONDER. NEVER CAN MAKE UP MY MIND. What do you think??


    1. I think they’re definitely worth trying. Sure, there’s cute packaging but there’s also luxury in some products. Is it EVERY product? Absolutely not. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of Korean makeup that is popular here are also considered “drugstore” brands in Korea, but there are also high-end brands that are MUCH pricier. Even thinking about American beauty, there are drugstore products that are just as good as high-end products. I’m not sure about the skin tone thing, but imho I think skincare can cross racial lines for sure. I would try out some “cult favorite” skincare products (like the banila co. cleanser or other oil cleansers) or an essence/serum, and see if it does any good for your skin!


      1. Honestly, I haven’t tried that many high-end Korean brands (I have more than enough Western stuff still stocked up I want to try). But I’ve heard Sulwhasoo is pretty good!

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    1. The longevity is pretty good, but I still prefer my Stila liquid liner. But comparing this to other pencils, I think this is pretty good. I guess technically it’s a gel, but i like the Marc Jacobs highliner and hourglass 1.5mm. I find that with pencils, primer really helps!


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