ColourPop Mondays in Malibu Review + GIVEAWAY!

20150601-2015-06-01 17.35.44

Colourpop: The Brand

I first heard of Colourpop through reading Christine’s blog, Temptalia, where she reviewed this set. Colourpop is a fairly new brand based in Santa Monica, CA with their products being made in Los Angeles, CA. Their makeup is affordable at $5 per item. To read more about the brand, check out their About Us page. Today I’ll be reviewing their new Limited Edition set, Mondays in Malibu, which is my first purchase from the company. I ordered it with the code THANKSBABE, which took off $5. Their shipping is free above $30, so I’m still kicking myself for not ordering something else to get it there, since I was so close! The set is $30, and shipping is $4.99, so my order came out to $29.99 with the coupon, when I could’ve just ordered another $5 item and have it come out to an even $30 with free shipping. I emailed their customer service but they said that the order couldn’t be changed once placed. I was sad, but it was my own fault. My order also included the Birthday Girl shadow, which was free with each order to celebrate their one-year anniversary. (This is also what I’m giving away!) 20150601-2015-06-01 17.36.31 20150601-2015-06-01 17.36.44 20150601-2015-06-01 17.38.15 20150601-2015-06-01 17.36.0320150601-2015-06-01 17.36.11

The Packaging

The packaging for this set is really nice! A really sturdy cardboard box with a cardboard sleeve. The box has foam inside to keep the shadows from moving. The box also included a nice note from them and a card with information about how to care for the shadows. The note was a really nice touch (even though I know everyone probably gets the same note), and I love how everything is so colorful – reminds me of California and summer. 20150601-2015-06-01 17.39.02 20150601-2015-06-01 17.39.31 Each shadow is packaged individually, with a top that screws completely off. The shadows look smaller with the packaging because of the ring of white, but there’s actually quite a lot of product in each one. I did notice that the packaging wasn’t the most clean. You probably can’t see it in the pictures, but there were some very, very minor smudges/product on the outside of some, but it was nothing significant. It was just surprising to me, since I assume everything these days are just processed by machines.

So let’s talk about the formula and the product itself, shall we?

20150601-2015-06-01 17.41.27 20150601-2015-06-01 17.41.23 20150601-2015-06-01 17.41.31 20150601-2015-06-01 17.41.40 20150601-2015-06-01 17.41.49 20150601-2015-06-01 17.41.44 20150601-2015-06-01 17.47.14 20150601-2015-06-01 17.46.44 Believe it or not, these are all cream eyeshadows. When I first saw pictures of them, it was hard for me to believe they weren’t powders, especially with the pattern when they’re new. After I swatched them, you can see the indentation in the middle, so it’s easier to believe they’re creams, haha. The formula is very soft and creamy – not as creamy/thin as Tom Ford’s Cream Color formula, but softer than Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows. I love this formula. I can wear them without an eyeshadow base, and they don’t crease. I’m one of those people who have to wear a primer – my shadows will crease even with Urban Decay Primer Potion, so I usually wear NARS Smudge-Proof Base. My eyeshadow will crease with both the aforementioned Tom Ford or Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows by themselves. There’s a good mix of dark and light shades. The two dark shades seem similar, but one is more reddish-toned than the other. All of them have glitter (bummer), but some of them have more glitter than others. All of the shades above were swatched with just my fingers, no brushes. For usual use, I don’t mind using my fingers for most shades, but some of the more glittery ones, I like to use a brush, or the glitter is prone to go everywhere. For the brush, I usually use a small flat one with synthetic hairs, similar to a concealer brush. My favorite shade is the pink one, which is the one I was most excited for I first purchased the set – it gives a young, fresh pop of color on the lid that also looks natural, and I can apply it with my fingers. This color alone with some eyeliner is what I would wear on a casual day. For a more “done” look, it’s possible to add a darker color into the crease with the fingers, no brush needed. But if I’m going to put some into the lower lashline, once again, I reach for a brush. For a really fast look that can also look more “done,” you can also use one of the darker shades over the whole lid, since the shadows have a bit of a duochrome finish. You can see the difference more clearly in the top shade in the second set of swatches, since my arm curves, and the light hits it a different way. Even though it’s one color over your entire lid, from certain angles, it will look like you have a darker shade in your crease.

The Giveaway

I mentioned above I also received the Birthday Girl shadow. Since I already have this set, I really don’t need this shadow, even though I’m tempted to keep it. It’s super cute and has special pink packaging! Therefore, I’m giving it away to one of you! This will be a great chance to try their unique eyeshadow formula. 20150601-2015-06-01 17.48.16 20150601-2015-06-01 17.48.27 20150601-2015-06-01 17.48.49 20150601-2015-06-01 17.49.15-1 To enter: You must be a follower, through WordPress, Bloglovin’, Email, etc. The giveaway will run until next Friday (June 12) at 12 pm. Giveaway only open to US residents. Each of these counts for one entry:

If you enter through following on social media, please comment with your username(s)/link(s) to your profiles on those sites. Next Friday I’ll randomly choose a winner and update this post. You’ll have three days to respond to my initial message, and I will ship this out to you. 🙂 Good luck! (Also, I’m thinking of doing a bigger giveaway when I reach 250/500 followers. Any wishlist items you want me to include?)

This giveaway now closed.

Winner: InTheAllieWay


15 thoughts on “ColourPop Mondays in Malibu Review + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Hey Whitney, ahhh I’d LOVE to try Colourpop when/if they start shipping to Europe! Everything from them looks like a total winner. This set is filled with shades I’d love to wear!


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