May 3B Box Review: Hits and Misses

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Today I’m reviewing May’s 3B Box, a $12/mo. subscription that sends 4-6 Asian beauty samples a month. It usually comes in a nice bag (which I still need to figure out some use for). This is only my second month with this subscription, since I was on the waitlist for what seems like forever. This subscription is like a Korean ipsy to me, since the price points and number of items are similar.

20150601-2015-06-01 18.13.44

This month half “eh,” half “yay!” for me. Let’s get the bad news over with.

20150601-2015-06-01 18.17.00

This Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam I don’t even want to try – foam cleansers and I usually never agree, since I have combination skin and foam cleansers are usually too harsh for me. Baking powder also seems like something that should be eaten in baked goods or maybe put in toothpaste…not really something I want to see in a cleanser for my face. Rachel’s review over at Harlot Beauty noted that this cleanser has a pH of 9, which is pretty extreme.

I have pretty strong eyebrows that don’t need to be filled in too much, but if I do, I usually use a dark gray, since my hair is black. I’m sad that this TonyMoly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil was brown. TonyMoly does make other colors, so I wish 3B had sent out some kind of survey to see what colors would work for us, especially since there are only four items in this month’s bag.

20150601-2015-06-01 18.17.36

20150601-2015-06-01 18.19.29

I’ve tried SkinFood False Lashes in Daily 1 before from…I want to say Beauteque? I really like them! They’re a bit big for me, so I trimmed them a little. The Daily 1 are more flared at the edges, but these aren’t, so I’m interested to see how these will look on me. These are the Daily 3s. I’m thinking I might trim them on the outer edges, so it will end up giving me a more flared look anyway. I haven’t tried the eyelash glue, since the last time I used them, I used my own Darkness False Lash, which is cheap and works great.

20150601-2015-06-01 18.18.48

Sadly I was not a subscriber to the 3B when they sent out the peach one, but I really like this TONYMOLY Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream. It’s super cute and smells so good! I’m not sure how much it will do on the whitening touch, but as a normal hand cream, it definitely passes with flying colors. It’s currently sitting on my computer desk, so I can use it and look at it whenever I want.

Are there any items you want to try? Would you have liked this bag?


4 thoughts on “May 3B Box Review: Hits and Misses

  1. I thought that the hand cream was cute but I couldn’t really smell tangerine. Someone on another blog suggested using the cleanser to clean brushes.


    1. I actually think it does smell like tangerine! It has the same nose-crinkly smell to me as when someone is peeling one haha. I have my go-to as the Johnson baby shampoo, but I’ll keep that in mind for backup use!


  2. That tangerine is totally adorable. I love everything about it! The rest of the bag is kind of a bust, and it’s unusual seeing only 4 items instead of the usual 5. Even if it was a cheap little vial of something, it would have had an impact.

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