LUSH Mask of Magnaminty Review

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My sister got me the LUSH Mask of Magnaminty for my birthday (in February), and I finally tried it out last week and wanted to write up a quick review! I generally don’t get masks from LUSH for myself because:

  1. A lot of them need refrigeration, and I don’t have one in my tiny dorm room. And people steal things from the communal one.
  2. They are a bit pricey…
  3. I already have a huge stockpile of masks that I have to go through.

I was really happy to get this mask, because it’s self-preserving (no refrigeration needed!), and it smells delicious. Literally, delicious. It smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream. The ingredients include peppermint oil, which is where I’m getting the mint smell, but I’m not sure how I’m getting the chocolate smell. And it looks like it, too. But sadly, as one of the main ingredients is kaolin clay, it is not edible. LUSH has some really nice natural masks, and you can sample them in-store.

I had been having some problems with redness and was hoping this would reduce this. I applied this after cleaning my face with a cleansing oil. It’s a bit annoying applying this, because the ground-up aduki beans are quite chunky. However, it’s not difficult by any means. After seeing myself in the mirror, I just bust out laughing, because it looked like I had vomit all over my face…green, with chunks… But despite the look, it continued smelling delicious.

Although this is not a miracle mask by any means, I think it did help my redness go down a bit, and it just smells so delicious. Find it at LUSH here. Have you tried LUSH products before? What are some of your favorite masks for treating redness?


6 thoughts on “LUSH Mask of Magnaminty Review

    1. I’ve used their dry shampoo, but that’s actually the only other Lush product I’ve tried! Ugh, when I get my own apartment, I’m definitely going to try their bath bombs!


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