NARS NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette Review

20150227-2015-02-27 12.42.01

It’s been such a long time since I posted, and a lot has happened since then! I went to Washington, DC for Spring Break, found out I passed the Audit section of the CPA exam and started a new quarter at school! I’ve been busy catching up on schoolwork and studying for the next section of my CPA exam (that I’m taking 4/2!), so I haven’t had time to post much, which makes me very, very sad. Anyways, I thought I’d get another post up before fading into the background until 4/2!

I’m a huge fan of NARS and was lusting over the NARS NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette long before it came out. I brought it on my spring break trip to Washington, D.C., and used it exclusively for the trip. Since I was at a hotel, it was easier for me to access water to dampen my brushes compared to at my dorm, which was great, since I usually do my makeup in my room.

20150227-2015-02-27 12.40.41 20150227-2015-02-27 12.41.25

As always, NARS packaging is always on point, and it comes in a box that looks similar to the actual product, since there’s reflective silver foil down the front of the box, and the top of the palette while closed is a mirror. I love this packaging, and it’s similar to their Virtual Domination palette (or any of their usual palettes). It has a more boxy rectangular shape, made of plastic (not cardboard), with a sturdy clasp. When I got back from the trip, I put this in the same place upright as my Virtual Domination palette, which both have black edges, so when I reached for my Virtual Domination, I accidentally got this one, instead. (So now I’m storing it in another bin.)

20150227-2015-02-27 12.43.20 20150227-2015-02-27 12.43.51

The palette also comes with a brush, which is a plus. The bristles are a bit stiff, but this is a must for wet application. The end of the handle has the NARS logo embossed into it, which is nice, so it doesn’t feel like some generic brush.

20150227-2015-02-27 12.42.22 20150227-2015-02-27 13.00.08

I cannot get over how pretty the packaging is, with the designs in the eyeshadow and the full mirror, aaaaah. Alas, those pretty indentations in the eyeshadow were quickly decimated with wet application… Anyways, overall, this is a good palette. I had pretty high expectations for this palette, and the dark shades met them while the brighter shades did not do as well.

20150227-2015-02-27 12.42.37 20150227-2015-02-27 13.00.18

I like to use the brightest, pale shade in a palette (lower left) as an inner corner highlight in the eye. Dry, you really can’t build up the kind of intensity that is needed for a nice pop of brightness. I had more success wet, but it creases more easily when wet. In general, these brighter shades are good for a nice wash of some light glitter when dry, but to really be able to see some of the color, they should be used wet over the lid, although this makes them more prone to creasing. Surprisingly, I found that the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette does better in the wet light shades department.

20150227-2015-02-27 12.42.47 20150227-2015-02-27 13.00.26

However, darker shades do not disappoint. Dry, these shades were really nothing to write about, but wet, they’re great and much more true to color. When dry, they’re still very blendable and I was definitely able to create a decent smokey eye. I was really excited about the muted metallic pink, but it always shows up darker on my lids, and I can’t really tell that it’s pink, which was very disappointing to me. However, it does work out as a blending color. The standout color in this palette, to me, is the dark palette. The swatch of it does not do it enough justice. When dry, it looks kind of black-ish, which is super eh and usually happens to dark blue eyeshadows, especially when wet. But when applied wet, it looks just a tad darker than in the pan, and you can definitely tell how it’s a beautiful midnight blue.

So…is it worth it? At $78, that is not cheap.

Maybe. This palette fills holes in my makeup collection with the blue and silver, which apply beautifully when wet, the quality of which is not as dupe-able. the others can be duped easily. For the lighter shades, the light shades in Urban Decay’s Naked palette look better applied dry than the light shades applied wet in this palette. However, it can be used as a travel palette, and the packaging is also on point. I’ll keep this to round out my collection for those shades, but otherwise, I don’t think this palette is worth it!

The palette is limited edition and is still on sale at Sephora.


5 thoughts on “NARS NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. That’s too bad that the lighter shades didn’t work as well! Especially for the price. I find that true with most palettes though. And sounds like you’re doing great with your CPA exam! 🙂

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