Transitioning to a New Year: January Favorites

20150202-2015-02-02 13.05.00 January has passed by so quickly! I know that time goes by fast, but I think January felt especially fast, because it was part break from school, part just coming back to campus with no classes, then classes, etc… Anyways, this month’s beauty favorites are a good mix of old and new. 20150202-2015-02-02 13.06.28 This month I was extremely lazy because everything picked up so fast, and I was busy (yeah, that’s my excuse), so I didn’t get around to washing my makeup brushes until they were seriously desperately dirty. With no brushes to use, I ended up using this blush a lot, the tarte cheek stain in flush. I usually apply this by using a stippling motion where I want on my cheeks, then blend out the edges with my fingers to make it look more natural. I swatched this with something from the next product I talked about! 20150202-2015-02-02 13.05.1120150202-2015-02-02 13.09.18 20150202-2015-02-02 13.10.04 20150202-2015-02-02 13.10.38 I picked up the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette actually back in November when it was VIB exclusive at Sephora during the 20% off sale. I’ll do a review on this soon, just still working on testing some of the darker shades, so I’ll save my ramblings about this palette until then. I’ve been wearing really neutral, simplified makeup, so I haven’t reached for the darker shades as much. I just wanted to point out the shade I’m seriously loving from this palette, that pinky shade in the second picture. I love to wear it wet, and it turns out to be more of a peachy, muted color. It brings both light to the eye with sparkle but also contours due to how its darker than my skin tone in a natural way. On busy days, it’s easy to just pop this over the lid with no other eyeshadows. Underneath the swatch of the eyeshadows is the tarte blush, blended out in the second picture. 20150202-2015-02-02 13.06.17 I didn’t expect to like this, since I never got around to using facial sprays, but I’ve been really liking this Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater for some additional moisture on my face during these winter months, and it also smells really nice. I got this as part of some box / set…maybe a GWP? I really don’t remember…but a bottle of this is really inexpensive, only around $7, which is pretty cheap compared to some other facial sprays. 20150202-2015-02-02 13.06.54 I got this softlips cube as part of the #DLVoxBox from Influenster. I have tons of lip balm products already, so I thought this was really blah, but then I actually tried it, and it works pretty well at moisturizing! The packaging is super, super cute. My only complaint is that after using this for a while, the balm doesn’t smell as nice as it used to. It’s kind of a weird off-scent smell now, hard to describe. Maybe I’ll try this in another scent! 20150202-2015-02-02 13.06.03   I wanted to save an oldie for last! The MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 is a really great under-eye concealer for me. As a caveat, this concealer is a bit thicker, but I don’t have a problem with creasing. I try to apply this with a flat brush, but when I’m lazy, I just use my fingers and pat some under my eye. NC20 is just a bit lighter than my face shade, so this is the perfect shade. What are some of your January Favorites? Any interest in seeing the Smashbox Double Exposure review?


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