Too Many Subscription Boxes – Saying Goodbye to Boxycharm and Ipsy

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Before this, I was subscribed to 8 monthly subscription boxes/bags. With a heavy heart, I decided to unsubscribe to Boxycharm and Ipsy. Why?

  1. I have a ridiculously large backlog of products. With these monthly subscription boxes and all of the deluxe samples that I get when I make my Sephora orders, I have a lot of stuff piling up. I’m trying to sell a lot of the products on eBay, but I’m finding that it’s really time-intensive, and I still have a LOT left. My entire bed was covered when I was organizing my products during winter break.
  2. I just wasn’t excited about the products that I received in these boxes and realized I was just reselling and not really using any of it. Boxycharm has some really nice things and are great because they’re full-sized, but they’re usually not high-end brands. Ipsy…Ipsy used to be really great. These days, the samples are tiny, the zipper on my bag this month was broken, and the brands are just not up to par (please STOP repeating be a bombshell products).
  3. Financial difficulties and opportunity cost – As a student, I don’t have much income at the moment until I start working again. Boxycharm is $21, which is around Glossybox’s price, while Ipsy is cheaper, around $10. I used to justify getting Boxycharm used to be the big-ticket items they’d include, like Coastal Scents and Tarina Tarantino products, but I really don’t use them, even though I enjoy getting them (yeah, it’s weird). I’d used to justify Ipsy because, really, it is just $10 dollars. But in the end, money is money, and if I’m not going to use the products, there’s no reason for me to accumulate them.

I still think both of these boxes are really great if you’re just starting out in makeup and/or are trying to make your collections bigger, but they’re just not the right thing for me at the moment. Have you had the same experiences with any subscription boxes?

(I’ve been doing some cleaning lately, so check out some of my eBay listings for new and unused items and watch out for a blog sale soon with some of my lightly used items!)


21 thoughts on “Too Many Subscription Boxes – Saying Goodbye to Boxycharm and Ipsy

  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing about Birchbox for a while. I think the brands are getting iffier, but it’s still only $10. Birchbox does actually offer some hard-to-find and luxury brands on its website; they just rarely find their way into the boxes. –Angela

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    1. I know, right? I wish they would include some better brands in their boxes, too. They have hands-down the best loyalty program, though. I’ve actually been able to use the points in a good way, getting things that I actually want instead of having it go towards a free box, etc.


  2. This is why I have not gotten into subscription boxes. They are so alluring but I have hoarding tendancies and I’m on a decluttering phase, so I’m rolling with it while it lasts! I thought about doing a sub box, but I imagined the things piling up… It sounds like you made the right choice in cutting back a little 🙂

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    1. Doing just one would be fun, though! Maybe you can get someone to gift you one hahaha then you don’t have to feel guilty about the cost. I got my sister a snack box, so things don’t clutter up, but she still gets the nice surprise of opening a mystery box and finding goodies!


  3. I was subscribed to a monthly subscription box before but I cancelled too. I realised that 95% of the products I got sent, I would never actually use and go purchase myself so it was definitely a waste of money! And I agree, I was always excited until I opened up the box and got let down haha!

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      1. Yes, that’s so true! It seems like a great deal but it’s really not unless you know for sure what you’re going to get and you know you’ll actually use them! 🙂 I still have some random samples at home that I don’t think I’ll ever use haha.

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  4. I always read people’s subscription box posts with interest, partly because we don’t get any of the main ones here, and partly because I have the same fascination with looking at these ‘loot chests’ as anyone else. 😉 However, so many of them turn out to be pretty average in terms of contents, so I say good for you that you’re cutting the excess! (fellow student! <3)

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    1. Yeah, I was really “Wow!” in the beginning, but now I’m almost kind of past the honeymoon phase…? (That’s a weird way to describe it.) There are still times when I regret not getting a box, though…(e.g., Popsugar and Target collab box).


  5. You said of 8 subscriptions you got ride of two. Of the other 6, that presumable you are still subscribed to, would you recommend any?

    And by the way, I totally get what you were saying about enjoying getting stuff even though you don’t use it. You’re not alone haha!

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    1. What other boxes do you subscribe to? I’m pretty pale, too, but thankfully a lot of skincare products work for me, and I’m more neutral-toned! Usually if there are skin tone-specific products, they’re usually for lighter-skinned people, which also works for me.


  6. I hear ya!! I recently dropped rainbow honey (I like picking my own nail polish colors, it seems), petit vour and fortune cookie soap. Of course, I replaced them with kloverbox, sudsy box and beauteque! haha I dropped ipsy last year and do not regret it. They were just going downhill. I actually can gift a lot of products to my family (nieces, mom and sister) so that helps – they love getting bags filled with goodies. I am just glad sub boxes were not around when I was in college ~ I would be VERY VERY VERY broke.

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    1. haha, all of them i’ve never tried before except the beauteque! i was thinking about doing julep, but i just imagined all of the nail polish just piling up, and all just one brand, and it was already giving me a headache. i can usually make my polish applications last two weeks (less if it’s a crappy brand), and giving my nails some breathe time in between. i should’ve dropped ipsy earlier, but i have an annual subscription, and i think i just renewed it recently eh. :/ i think it’s also that michelle phan is devoting more time to emcosmetics and doesn’t have as much time to really campaign for them anymore and get better brands on board. haha, i’m still in college, and i am VERY VERY VERY broke.


  7. Oh I unsubbed from Ipsy for the very same reasons! They keep repeating the products and usually send me the colors that I really don’t care for. $10 is not a whole lot but it’s still money just like you said. I’d rather save $10 for 3 months and get a one $30 item that I know I’ll love and use. 🙂

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