January Beauteque Bag Review

20150115-2015-01-15 17.45.44

Beauteque Monthly is a new subscription service launched by Beauteque, an online Korean beauty store.

I ended up subscribing for the 6-month prepay, which cost me $138 + shipping, so it’s $26.95 per box. I’m not very happy about the shipping cost, but it is what it is. So this puts it between a Glossybox and a Popsugar box.

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The package came in a padded white envelope with Beauteque’s logo on it, and it includes a bag with the products inside, which is the same packaging as Ipsy, but it’s much bigger (to fit more products) and there’s a nice pocket inside. The only bad thing about it is the noticeable permanent marker smell. I’ve noticed this in other Beauteque bags and the bag that came with my E.L.F. Brush Set. Must be something in the bag manufacturing process…

20150115-2015-01-15 17.46.38

So the bag came with a little info card, which was nice, even if it was a bit wrinkled. There were nine products shipped and eight on the card, so the ninth is either a free gift/sponsored.

20150115-2015-01-15 17.47.32

So first, The Face Shop Lily Fresh Clear Hair Mist. The reason I chose to talk about this one first is because I LOVE IT! When I first saw it, I was, like, oh, great, another hair product. I use it like a dry shampoo to kind of freshen up my hair if I haven’t washed it. I have a pretty keen sense of smell, and if I don’t wash my hair, I can usually smell it when I move my head a certain way. This spray smells so nice, but what’s so great about it is that it works with your natural scent and improves it, instead of having this really heavy, fake smell that just overpowers the smell of your hair. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

The Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream was more disappointing for me. I was really excited about trying another moisturizer in these tough winter times, and I really like Mizon’s snail cream. I don’t think especially dried out my skin and ultimately did moisturize it a bit, but it does give my face a bit of a dry, cracked feeling just a couple of minutes after putting it on, which is weird. I wonder if it’s just that my skin and hyaluronic acid don’t play nice with each other.

20150115-2015-01-15 17.48.5120150115-2015-01-15 17.49.09

I know what you’re thinking. Milani? Isn’t this a Korean beauty bag? Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought, too, but apparently Beauteque’s about all beauty and doesn’t discriminate. I got the Milani Sunset Duo Blush and Bronzer in Sunset Beach. This is a really huge size, and I already have enough blush/bronzers for now that I’ll pass on this. I might try to sell it on eBay or selling it through the blog with some of my other items after I reorganize all my makeup.

The Cheetah Sleeping Mask, hm, what can I say? I’m not a big animal-print person. I also currently live by myself, so when I want to sleep, I can turn the lights off. I’m not that sensitive to light, either, when sleeping. This I also won’t use, but I think it’s a good thought to put a sleeping mask in a beauty bag. This seems to be from a generic brand.

20150115-2015-01-15 17.47.51

RéVive is an American company, so I was also puzzled about this, but this is the item not listed on the card, so my best bet is that it’s sponsored. I haven’t tried this Cleansing Body Scrub yet.

2015-01-16 01.40.12

I was also excited about this TonyMoly Lip Tint, but I really just can’t seem to get it to work on me. The staying power of the stain is great, I think, but tints and I don’t get along. You can’t really “build” it up, and it’s hard to correct any errors if you “go outside the lines.” Since I have some dry patches on my lips, it just looks really horrible after some of those patches fake off, and I’m left with a piece of white lip among a sea of red. I tried to wear this as a stain under lipstick, but it just…doesn’t work. It just wears off so funnily.

20150115-2015-01-15 17.48.25

Last, but not least, the masks! Aren’t the pandas cute? I have no idea what the directions are saying, though, haha. The one of the left is a BRTC V Shaping Mask (apparently, this is a pore pack. I probably should have guessed it, but it’s still confusing, and it’s impossible to know the exact instructions. See Unboxing Beauty for more information). This is a $7 bonus item. The one on the right is an It’s Skin Neck Patch. I haven’t tried either yet, but I think it’s obligatory to include some kind of mask, and having a neck patch is a really great way to mix things up a bit (and I should care for my neck more!).


Overall, I think this was a really great bag, but I almost wish there would be more quality over quantity. Things like the sleeping mask and Milani I was a bit disappointed in, but there is a good number of products, and the hair spray is a big win for me! I’m excited to see next month’s bag and see if Beauteque can keep it up!


11 thoughts on “January Beauteque Bag Review

  1. I was just checking out these bags today and understand what you mean more you rather have quality stuff over quantity. Have you tried out roseroseshop’s secret boxes? It’s something similar.

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    1. if you want to see whats in one. I did a youtube video on it about a little over a year ago. Here’s the link (if it’s not allowed then feel free to delete this comment)

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