January Sample Society Unboxing/Review

My Sample Society Box arrived on Thursday.

20150108-2015-01-08 12.20.05

The box included:

20150108-2015-01-08 12.20.17

I really like the formula for Zoya polishes, but I don’t think this color is for me. It really reminds me of Frozen, Elsa’s icy-blue color, with all the shimmer. The pastels listed in the card don’t have shimmer, which I think would be lovely to have received. For some reason I couldn’t find anywhere to purchase it online, which is really weird. If you’re looking for it, I’ll probably end up selling mine via eBay.

20150108-2015-01-08 12.20.43

The Revlon Photoready I’m on the fence about, but it’ll probably also be swapped. I’m really not about the chunky glitter for the right side, and I already have the same shade on the left side in the Marc Jacobs Parisienne Palette, and I don’t think it’s worth opening it just for the left side.

20150108-2015-01-08 12.21.03

The conditioner and illuminating serum are both pretty small samples, and with my long hair, I can probably only get 1.5 uses out of it, so that’s pretty eh.

The cleansing bar will probably be too harsh on my combination skin, especially in the winter, since it’s meant for oily skin. I don’t like using cleansing bars even on my body, so it’s hard for me to imagine using one on my face, even if it’s a special kind.

The only products I’ll keep are the Strivectin Illuminating Serum and the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar, even though I had already gotten the Hope in a Jar sample with my Tom Ford Lips and Boys purchase from Nordstrom a couple weeks earlier. The rest of the box will probably get swapped, sadly. I have mixed feelings about this box!

Sign up for Sample Society here. Use code ICEE5644 for a discount.




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