Recent PINCHme Samples Box

I got back to my dorm today to find a PINCHme samples box among all of my subscription boxes that had come while I was at home. This made me feel a little better, since I could tell myself that one of the boxes out of all those boxes is free haha.

For those who aren’t familiar with PINCHme, it’s a site that releases samples every Tuesday at 12 pm EDT. Anyone can claim these samples, and PINCHme will ship them to your house for free. In exchange, they want feedback on the samples. They also have a points system that I believe they’re still working on the details for. This is my first PINCHme box, because I usually don’t remember at all to log on and claim them in time (they usually all get claimed pretty fast). Thought I’d share what I got!

20150103-2015-01-03 22.26.56

Starting with the items I’m least excited about hahaha.

I believe the wine voucher is sponsored, since it doesn’t show up in my product history on the site, and it only works with a $160 purchase (so you’d be out at least $60). I’ve gotten this before in other boxes (maybe Walmart? Allure? Not sure). I’m not a big wine drinker, so I usually just pitch it. If you use it, leave a comment! Code: PNCH1213 Password: ASP32XYN Access via link here.

The Gevalia Ground House Blend Coffee I’ll pass on to my sister, since I’m not a big coffee drinker.

The Paper Mate Inkjoy is supposed to be Paper Mate’s “revolutionary new writing system.” To me, it seems like a normal pen…so yeah. I think it’s really cute with the two hearts on the pen, though, and it’s pretty cheap on Amazon!

20150103-2015-01-03 22.27.14

And lastly, the Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash. I was so surprised to see this, because I had just read a blog post on Nouveau Cheap about it, so I was, like, woooow what a coincidence! I got the white strawberry & mint scent, and it smells soooo good. According to this article, these are “farmer’s market-inspired” scents and “the body washes are lower in sulfates and contain three times more mild cleansers than before, plus they are formulated to work with skin’s natural pH.” PINCHme had also put a clear sticker on the cap to make sure it didn’t accidentally open during transit, which I appreciate. Excited to try this!

It was definitely a pick-me-up today to get a free box of samples. Maybe I’ll remember to start checking the site on Tuesday to claim more samples from now on hahaha. Sign up for PINCHme here.


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