January Wishlist

After the past holiday season and with the regular outflow of cash for monthly subscription boxes, I’m really trying to cut down on purchases. But…here are a few things I plan on buying or am still debating over!

  1. NARSissist Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette ($79) – I’m a huge, huge NARS fan. This is a limited-edition palette that’s one of those “different when used wet/dry” kind of palettes. I’m really excited to be able to compare it to the Smashbox Double Exposure that I picked up about a month ago. And, ugh, the packaging is just beautiful. Pricey, but beautiful. I’ll definitely get this, but I don’t know if I’ll wait until a better coupon code comes out or when it comes out at Sephora Feb. 1!
  2. Beauteque Monthly Subscription – Beauteque is releasing a monthly subscription bag. The one-off bags I’ve gotten from them have been good. I’m still undecided about how long of a subscription I want to get, since the value of the gift they’re sending increases with the longer. $264 is A LOT to shell out at once for a year’s subscription, especially since they’re a new subscription service, but it could also potentially be the most worth it.
  3. YSL Volupté Tint-In-Oil in Cherry My Cherie 5 ($32) – I got this in I Rose You 4 (full review here), and I really love how moisturizing it is, so I still want to give this a shot in another shade and see if there’s a bit more pigmentation.
  4. Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 2 Eyeshadow Palette ($20) – I really liked the first palette (full review here), and the second one looks like it has a really nice color selection. Pony is a pretty well-known makeup artist in S. Korea, and Memebox collaborated with her on the palette. I want to wait a bit on some more reviews to come out, because if it’s a huge glitter-fest, I might skip out on it, but the pictures on the website look sooo pretty – this is their promo pic for my favorite shade in the palette. PB_contents_pony2_EN_5
  5. Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eyeshadow Palette ($65) – Limited edition palette from Charlotte Tilbury. I was really sad missing out on Chanel’s Reve d’Orient, and I’m still on the fence about whether or not I should get this one, especially since I’m trying to cut down on purchases. It’s just so beautiful, but quite practically, I could probably dupe these in my collection…

So if I get everything on my list excluding the subscription, since I’m not sure how long of a subscription, I want, that’s $196, oh myyyy. Hopefully I’ll talk myself out of some of these!


4 thoughts on “January Wishlist

  1. though my major weakness is ALWAYS eyeshadows, the nars palette really isn’t calling to me. probably b/c that line got so-so reviews from temptalia or at least, i dont really remember being wowed by her review. still, i know a lot of ppl have it on their wishlist. this year i’m trying my best not to buy new things.

    A Beautiful Zen

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    1. the palette itself actually got a “temptalia recommends.” props to you for the self-control! i think it’s also because it’s nars, and everything i’ve tried from them has been really good, so i’m looking forward to it.


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