My Dry Nose Savior – Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

I’ve recently come down with a bit of a cold during break, so I’ve had to blow my nose a lot. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this, but the skin around the nose becomes really dry, raw, flaky, red…all sorts of undesirable things.

I got this Laneige Water Sleeping Mask deluxe sample through my Target Beauty Box For Her (I guess I should review that some time?), and it’s been my nose savior!

Quick note about the brand – Laneige is a South Korean brand owned by Amore Pacific, which also owns Innisfree. They sell some of their products exclusively in the US through Target, and I’ve tried their BB Cushion before (I really liked it), which I also received in another box from Target. I was really excited to try this product!

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It’s called a mask, but it’s really just like a moisturizer, and you leave it on. As you can see, the product itself is clear with a blue-ish tinge to it. Just using the amount that comes in contact with my finger when I lightly touch it is enough to cover the irritated nose area. I’ve been using it before I go to bed (it is called a sleeping mask) and once or twice during the day (basically, when I think of it and wander into my room).

My favorite thing about this is that it doesn’t sting after putting it on. A lot of times with putting moisturizer on an area that’s a bit raw, there’s a bit of a stinging sensation, but I don’t get that with this at all. After it absorbs into the skin, the skin feels a little bit tacky almost.

Anyways, I just wanted to give this product a shout-out, because it is the product that has made me feel like a normal human being with an intact nose! Pick it up here.


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