Target Fall 2014 Beauty Box Review

I’m a big fan of Target beauty boxes. I got their first box when they came out, and I also ordered their Naturals Beauty Box and Target Beauty Box for Her during their Black Friday sale, which I’ll review when they arrive! The one I’m talking about today is Target’s Fall 2014 box, the one that came out in October and is their most recent box before their Black Friday boxes.

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Five products for $7. Not bad, as expected. I would’ve very much liked if one of the hair items were substituted by a skincare item instead, but the healthy dose of makeup items keeps me happy. Nice Target packaging whoo.

2014-12-05 01.43.02 2014-12-05 01.44.28

The card lists this as the L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipstick. I think this is a misprint, and it’s the lipgloss, instead, but the names are quite similar. I’m not a big fan of lip gloss in general, but this shade (601 Nude Ballet) is not bad. This I’ll probably try to swap/sell, since I wouldn’t use it if I kept it. I’m guessing there is some variation for this between boxes, since the shade is not listed on the card.

2014-12-05 01.43.22 2014-12-05 01.46.44

The product I was most looking forward to in the box! The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk. I’ve seen this pencil used as eyeshadow base in many YT videos, and It looks like a good inner-eye highlight for my light skin. The product isn’t hard to blend (although I wouldn’t call it easy, either), but I like it so far.

2014-12-05 01.47.16 2014-12-05 01.48.02

I’m a big fan of the Laneige BB Cushion. It actually came in the last box by Target, which I would usually be unhappy about it, but I really liked it last time. I’ve always wanted to purchase this but just never got around to it. The formula is very hydrating (if I use it with my moisturizer, it’s too much, so it really is meant to be used right on the skin), and the coverage is equivalent if not more than your medium coverage foundations.

I was really excited for the Fekkai Professional Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo, but I was sorely disappointed. I usually like Fekkai products, but the smell for this was overpowering, and it didn’t work well, either, just made my hair look more greasy.

The Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray will probably get swapped/sold, too. I just don’t use hairspray on a regular basis and don’t use it often enough to justify keeping this.

Overall, I like this box, especially the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, but the hair products were disappointing. Looking forward to the Target Beauty Box for Her and the Natural Beautys box that should be coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Target Fall 2014 Beauty Box Review

    1. Yeah, they don’t do a subscription, but they’re all one-off boxes, so you have to keep an eye out for them. They’re always great value, though! Let me know if you want to buy/swap either, since I haven’t/won’t use either probably haha.


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