Chosungah X Memebox Get! Peachy Glow Pact + Pony X Memebox Eye Shadow Palette + Meme Brush Set Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing one of my favorite Black Friday purchases from Memebox. It almost makes up for the bitterness I still feel over missing out on the Etude House and Banila Co. Value Box grrrr. I got the Chosungah X Memebox Get! Peachy Glow Pact + Pony X Memebox Eye Shadow Palette + Meme Brush Set. The set is still on sale here for $55, and I used a 20% off code GIVETHANKS (still going on!) to get it for $44. For three awesome products, this was just a steal for me, and the products lived up to my expectations.

This collaboration is with Cho Sung Ah, a makeup artist in Korea who has her own brand, Chosungah22. According to her, “Makeup should be simple and fun,” and “Beauty is a state of mind. It is what you believe in your heart and what you know in your head.” I can go with that.

2014-12-04 22.48.05 2014-12-04 22.46.53 2014-12-04 22.59.07 2014-12-04 22.58.37

This is the first product I opened – the official name is the Get! Peachy Glow Pact, which sounds fancy, but it’s really an illuminator or highlighter. You can use it mixed with your foundation, just for extra dewiness, etc. I’ll probably end up using the tiniest amount with foundation but primarily as a liquid highlighter. It doesn’t really build up, since it just remains streaky, but it looks nice blended out. I hadn’t really researched this product ahead of time and thought it would be something solid and tried to open it and probably almost broke it, but then I figured pressing down was the way to go, haha. I do like the creative packaging and it’s nice that a sponge came with it (although I probably won’t use it or even keep it in there).

IMG_5150 2014-12-04 22.47.24 2014-12-04 22.48.53 2014-12-04 22.50.37 2014-12-04 22.49.35 2014-12-04 22.49.49 2014-12-04 22.52.54 2014-12-04 22.51.31

This Pony X Memebox Eye Shadow Palette is a win for me, too. The left side are all mattes, while the right side are satins. This is the perfect travel palette. I was skeptical about not having a lighter satin shade for inner-eye highlighting, but after swatching, I realized the Shine Rosegold will work perfectly. The only thing I would’ve appreciated would be to make the Easy Brown a bit darker, since we already have the Easy Shadow to act as the contour, anyway. The shadows are quite soft.

2014-12-04 22.57.40 2014-12-04 22.57.03 2014-12-04 22.56.49 2014-12-04 22.56.41 2014-12-04 22.56.36 2014-12-04 22.56.00 2014-12-04 22.55.50 2014-12-04 22.53.51

Lastly, there’s the Meme Brush Set. It’s really a good price for so many of these brushes. These are made of synthetic bristles. I’m not too impressed with the density of the multi powder brush, but I can’t really complain with the price. I was looking forward to the set because of the cheek brush, since I lost my angled cheek brush some time ago and haven’t gotten around to getting another one. However, what I really liked was the lip/shader brush. There’s a cap on the shader end, and the lip brush end is retractable. It’s the PERFECT brush for traveling, and it’s also like getting two brushes in one whoooo.

Update (1/22/2015): The multi powder brush SHEDS like no other. But other than this brush, the other brushes work really nicely!

I would 100% recommend this set – it definitely gives you the bang for your buck. You could even split up the different parts of it for gifting. Pick it up here!

Anyways, getting this in the mail made my day. Let me know if you’ve tried anything else by Chosungah!


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